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What Makes Monaco a Unique Grand Prix Circuit?

People choose their Grand Prix circuit based on different aspects, and what may be a big circuit event for one person may not be so for another. There are various circuits that have featured widely in the favourites list around the world. The Grand Prix Monaco continues to attract a lot of attention for both the drivers and spectators. It’s no wonder it features at the top of iconic circuits in the history of Grand Prix motor sporting.

The Racing Challenges of the Monte Carlo Circuit

It may not be because of its history, glamour, or glitz, but the kind of challenge it presents to those willing to take Monaco’s sporting battle. While the track is said to have streets that are outgrown by the cars, Monte Carlo has still survived in hosting Grand Prix events.

However, every circuit has its own challenges, and this may probably be one thing that has kept Monte Carlo in the list of challenging circuits. The lack of runoff areas implies that there is little room for error, and drivers have to be very smart and keen when they negotiate corners.

Precision and skill have to be at the heart of every driver, and this is what makes the circuit a real challenge for the drivers. And as a Murray Walker, a former commentator once said, his favourite corner was the left hander just at the top of the hill situated at Massenet.


Murray Walker described the experience of racing at that left hander as where the tires of racing automobiles kiss the Armco barriers before the cars speed around into Casino Square. This is also where you find the slowest corner in Formula One races – the iconic Fairmont Hairpin. This is where everyone gets the opportunity to see all the cars slithering their way like a giant colourful snake downhill. The right bending tunnel speeding underneath the Fairmont Hotel is also an unforgettable feature.


Nelson Piquet, a former Brazilian racing driver and businessman, once said that racing in Monaco was like riding a bike at full speed through your house. Nelson was trying to emphasize the narrowness of the street circuits that are sometimes perceived as preclusive to excellent racing.

Drivers here need to have exceptional skill for them to overtake their competitors and ensure they keep their cars in the race. All in all, Monaco is quite a unique circuit and it deserves its slot in the top circuits of the Grand Prix.